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DBI Design (then Media Five) was incorporated in Australia in 1980. The core expertise of the firm was drawn from specialist hotel and resort firms based in California and Hawaii. During the development boom of that decade DBI Design quickly established a reputation for innovative design of large scale resorts and mixed use master plans, hotels and multi-unit residential projects. Early landmark projects include the Mirage Resorts in Port Douglas, Gold Coast and Princeville Hawaii.

In addition to its impressive track record for the design of hotels, resorts and urban master planning, DBI is now a leader in Tall (+100m) and Super Tall (+300m) building design and construction and is a recognised leader in sustainable high rise technology.

DBI’s collaborative and rigorous approach ensures the best possible outcomes for the client, community and environment. All of our projects seek to place the human being at the centre of the built environment and deliver environmentally, culturally, socially and economically sustainable outcomes for our future. Company Structure DBI is structured around the input of active directors, each intimately involved with the particular requirements of the project and its clients. The core management team comprises the following:-
  • Managing Director - Raith Anderson
    Chairman, Director of Design - Barry Lee
    Director of Interior Design - Susan Rossi

  • Associate Director - Tim Cross

    Associate Director - Neil Clarke

    Associate Director - Ewald De Weerd

    Associate Director - Anna Goh

    Associate Director - Nick Symonds
    Associate, Brisbane Office Manager - Geoff Hui
    Associate - Joseph D’Ambrosia
    Associate - David Lake
    Associate - Catherine Phillips
    Consultant and Founding Partner - Michael Ducar